Content Design Guidelines

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Ideas & Objectives

We recommend one key graphic in combination with your key message. Refer to Ad Standards to learn more about Australian Ad Standards, Codes and Self-Regulation for your campaign.


Brand awareness campaigns deliver messages to an audience by reaching out to the public regularly.

Maintain high levels of brand awareness to build consumer engagement and ultimately sell more products and services. Educate customers not yet aware of your brand, while staying on your existing customers’ minds against competitors.

Metro 60 campaignMetro 60 campaign 2Sushi Hub campaignSushi Hub campaign 2Sisterworks campaignSisterworks campaign 2

Call to action

Encourage people to take an action aligning to your campaign goal.

An eye catching Call to Action (CTA) with compelling copy can motivate the users to take action. Make it clear to potential customers which action to take next, and help remove friction in completing the customer sale - to get started, buy now, sign up, or contact sales.

Zip business campaignZip business campaignCaleb & Brown campaignCaleb & Brown campaignDoorDash x Zoomo campaignDoorDash x Zoomo campaign

Best for content

Make your message short and clear. Remember that the viewer may see your message only for a brief time.

LUMOS Content Guidelines


  • Use few words for maximum impact
  • Spread longer messages over multiple creatives
  • Your last creative should contain a hook to convert viewers to take action
  • It's effective to close the deal with a special, incentivised search term linked to your brand
  • Or, when using QR codes, minify your link with URL shortener to minimise QR density


  • Don't overload the creative with lots of content

Best for design

Showcase your brand with a hero graphic or logo, with high contrast between content and background to attract viewers.

LUMOS Content Guidelines


  • Dark tone background for sharpest outdoor display
  • Large bold fonts, with minimum character height at least 1/6 of canvas height (>4pt on a 256x128px canvas)
  • Keeping screen content simple with few hero graphics
  • Establish safe zone around screen border as seen with dotted white line


  • Dazzle viewers with bright backgrounds

Image formats

PSD / PNG / JPEG, to work with our in-house design capabilities

Width 256px : Height 128px

To be displayed ~7 seconds per creative

We recommend using Canva or Adobe Photoshop for editing creatives

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